As an experimental company CREW aims to visualize how technology is changing us. The art form that is used for this purpose and that quite simply engages the body of the spectator, is immersion. There are multiple ways of sharing immersive environments with the public but the main critera is for the art form to be live: theatre, installations and performances. These real-time creations anchor the immersive experience in the here and now. In the here and now the sole contact point between humans and technology. In the here and now CREW confronts a wide and international audience personally and bodily with that which surrounds us, our place in it and the way we perceive ourselves.

Scientific Fiction is the best description of Eric Joris’ way of working with an international network of artists and scientists. Where the well-known Science Fiction is a genre that typically paints a fantastic future, Scientific Fiction is CREW’s method of providing a glimpse of the future by questioning new digital possibilities and putting them to use in an alternative way.

News: The Internet Trilogy

Related Project: EXPLORER/Prometheus Unchained(art)

Generation Before Computer (CREW)

meets generation After Computer (Urland)

and share the stage together.


The Internet Trilogy

A contemporary epic

URLAND& CREW& Theater Rotterdam


URLAND researched for three years,

under the wings of the Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam the internet.

The most important development of this modern age took shape

in three consecutive shows.

These parts are now being fused into an interdisciplinary and multimedia spectacle.


"EXPLORER / Prometheus unleashed"

the second part of this Trilogy,

is a joint creation of CREW and Urland

and is central to this performance.


september 13: Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg  

september 14: Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg  

september24: Stadschouwburg Utrecht

september25: Stadschouwburg Amsterdam

october 6: Kon. Schouwburg Den Haag

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