CREW is a company that operates on the border between art and science, between performance art and new technology. Artist Eric Joris develops his live-art projects in close collaboration with a collective of artists and scientists. Electronic and digital media form the basis of a unique artistic way of thinking and the engine for aesthetic experiences and reflection. This results in hybrid performances that question and redefine commonly accepted performative parameters. more info

CREW_lab is an autonomous cell conducting research on immersive media. It deals with both software and hardware development as with media and communication aspects of immersive technology applications. more info

News: The making-off of Absence

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The making-off of Absence has begun. This staged performance is created by Eric Joris and Peter Verhelst and aims to examine the limits of presence and absence. Follow us on Facebook: CREW vzw/Eric Joris.

Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 June 2015 we present C.a.p.e. Anima at Greenwich Docklands Festival 2015. We see you there!

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