Five robotized horns travel through the city in search of an audience.

A parade of"robotic laptops"and"robotic horns"

The View from Nowhere is a short online performance that will be using Zoom in an interactive and interpassive way.

On behalf of and in collaboration with Crew, Androme developed a scalable tracking system that allows users to travel a long distance physically and autonomously through a virtual environment.

In Straptrack, an'immersant'strolls through a virtual sculpture

Hamlet's Lunacy (CREW, Platform 0090 & KVS ) is not a new version of the play Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Instead it stages and simulates the actual out-of-joint world he lived in and enacts his conflicts and decision-making.

Alles op tafel / Tout sur table / Everything on the table

CREW's latest live-performances/installations at the Techfair of Super Nova Antwerp

After Hands-On Hamlet I& II , Hamlet Encounters (prototype of Hamlet's Lunacy) is the last step towards the final Hamlet's Lunacy in 2019. This is a long-term pursuit wherein art takes the lead again pushing the experiential potential of immersive media with an artistic project which addresses key Hamlet-questions on how to be a moral sbjectan how one is determined by his/her cultural mind-sets.

For Brussels Smart City For Culture CREW optimized its HeadSwap-technology to facilitate a people-centred city through VR technology in a project entitled Citizen.Com. Within transdisciplinary collaborations with different psychiatrists they explore new ways of integration, therapy and inclusion.

A 20 minutes preview of Citizen.Com can be experienced in the Living @ Kaaitheater (Brussels) during ECOPOLIS 2017 (Digital Together - For a Just Society) the 8th of October 2017.

This project is possible thanks to the support of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Hands-On Hamlet I& II are the first parts of CREW's long-term pursuit wherein art takes the lead again in pusng the experiential potential of immersive media with an artistic project which addresses key Hamlet-questions on how to be a moral subject and how one is determined by his/her cultural mind-sets.

Collateral Rooms is an immersive  live-art installation.


C.a.p.e. Drop_Dog is a virtuality performance, created by the Brussels live-art collective CREW , inspired by two texts of Dutch writer and poet Tonnus Oosterhoff.

Absence is a staged performance created by Eric Joris and Peter Verhelst. A collaboration of CREW and NTGent.

For  BOZAR Music Opening Night September 19, 2015 CREW created a subtle re-enactment (creation CREW/ Christoph De Boeck ) of the first immersive experiments for Crash , a performance of 1994.

EXPLORER/Prometheus unchained is the new staged performance by CREW and Urland, a collective of young makers, in collaboration with Productiehuis Rotterdam and premiered at the Krijn Boon Studio, Rotterdamse Schouwburg (NL) on Thursday 23rd, Friday 24th, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of April 2015.

C.a.p.e. Anima takes the visitor to Concertgebouw Brugge , where resident orchestra Anima Eterna Brugge is performing Beethoven's Sixth ('Pastoral') Symphony.

New interactive installation of Eric Joris at Coup de ville exhibition in St Niklaas

Step into a slice of history and let yourself be guided by the rythm of the Internationale!



The image is watching you

An adventure that takes your breath away whether you're 8 or 88.

A new type of documentary

In no time to another reality

Visual art installation by Eric Joris and CREW, created for SuperBodies, Hasselt Triennale




A live art performance that combines theatre and immersive experience


Workshops organised in colaboration with CREW

An intimate walk in a medieval castle

A very special walk through Brussels



Would you like to take a walk, using my body?

A slice of digital reality

Workshops organized in collaboration with CREW

Is this the story of a daydreamer and if so, are his daydreams possibly dangerous for you?


total immersion 1 to 1
A mirror image guides you out of your own body...

headswap configuration 2 to 2
Taking a walk into each other's head...


theatre performance
"Who sees and who is blind? To whom belongs reality?..."


mobile immersive performance for 1 immersant
"U (you) only exists in your head, U (you) do not know who you are living..."

first immersive performance
"A crash in the labyrinth of your own head..."

interactieve installatie

anatomic theatre
"Theater muteert tot een levende prothese... Paul Antipoff IS Philoctetes."

voorstelling in computercave
"Multimedia als prothese..."

proefrit met robotic voices

The Bêta-projects served as preliminary studies for Icarus/MAN-O-WAR.

In Kammerspiel 5 artists gather around the'engine'of a computer game (Duke Nukem).

Those who press enter, abandon all hope

10 day workshop using video-mapping, 3D-modeling, 3D-painting, VJ-ing, mediafootage, coding, motion capturing, Virtual Reality,…

directed by CREW, RITCS, EHB, SEAD

Op de laatste dag van de Transmedia Summerschool zetten ze hun deuren open voor publiek en nemen je mee naar het jaar 2058. De deelnemers dompelen je onder in een interactieve 3D-wereld, van nul opgebouwd.


With its participation in the European research program PRESENT (in the context of HORIZON 2020) , CREW strives for increased interaction within the virtual media.



DREAMSPACE is the production of new creative forms of interactive, immersive and high quality media.

Research and development

2020 3D Media is a large-scale European Research Consortium.