_ART: Hamlet's Lunacy Release: 2019


For the finale premiere series Hamlet's Lunacy will draw parallels between Shakespeare's Hamlet and the present-day conflicts. Hamlet's Lunacy involves a journey through time and space inviting the audience to confront and reflect on the ethics of action. As Hamlet discovers in Shakespeare's dramaturgy, to do nothing is to take position. What to do in a world of fake news where bearings on'reality'are slipping fast? do you take arms against a sea of troubles and blow them to the moon? To do or not to do?


Hamlet's Lunacy explores the living history of Hamlet by conveying historical and scientific data in ways that are visually compelling. Through the play of Hamlet it looks at how technological advances and scientific developments lead to new ways of interpreting the world and perceiving ourselves.

Eric Joris and Mesut Arslan push the boundaries of what can be visually represented to forge new ways of seeing and inhabiting data.


The audience is divided in 4 groups that rotate.





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