_ART: W (Double U) Release: 2008

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to look out from another persons’ head?

'W' (Double U) is an immersive experiment for two visitors. It is based on the'head-swap'technology developted by EDM/CREW.
Each of the participants receives a helmet which allows him to see what the other person sees. They both have to find their way in public space.
Can they still believe their own eyes? Their field of view is no longer their own, but the other's. Suddenly a simple walk becomes an intense experience.

The technology used in'W'is developed by EDM, the Expertise Centre for Digital Media at the Hasselt university and CREW. The omnidirectional videosystem, consisting of videogoggles, a camera and a headtracking sensor, allows one participant to send the other his camerafeed and vice versa.
The experience takes place on several levels: a sense of'double space', i.e. public versus personal space, the clash between physical and virtual space and, last but not least, the schizofrenic relationship with your immersive counterpart.

Production: CREW
Co-production: Vooruit, Ghent (B)
With support of EDM, Hasselt (B) and Le Manège, CECN/ Technocité, Mons (B)
Artistic director: Eric Joris
Operators: Vincent Jacobs, David Debuyser and Koen Goossens
Assistant director: Chantalla Pleiter
Support: Chantalla Pleiter, Stef De Paepe, Ewout D'Hoore en Maja Jantar

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