Thu 05 Sep 03:09 pm
The Internet Trilogy

Related Project: EXPLORER/Prometheus Unchained(art)

Generation Before Computer (CREW)

meets generation After Computer (Urland)

and share the stage together.


The Internet Trilogy

A contemporary epic

URLAND& CREW& Theater Rotterdam


URLAND researched for three years,

under the wings of the Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam the internet.

The most important development of this modern age took shape

in three consecutive shows.

These parts are now being fused into an interdisciplinary and multimedia spectacle.


"EXPLORER / Prometheus unleashed"

the second part of this Trilogy,

is a joint creation of CREW and Urland

and is central to this performance.


september 13: Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg  

september 14: Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg  

september24: Stadschouwburg Utrecht

september25: Stadschouwburg Amsterdam

october 6: Kon. Schouwburg Den Haag

Tue 10 Apr 05:04 pm

Related Projects: C.a.p.e.(art), Hamlet's Lunacy(art),

Alles op tafel / Tout surt table / Everything on the table

C.A.P.E. Molenbeek - The women of theatre collectif AGORA M of Molenebeek put their taboos on the table. They invite you to take place and experience the world from their perspective. Virtual Reality at its best!

Premiere 24th of May 2019 in the Vaartkapoen

CREDITS: Performers Zohra Temsamani - Nadia Khammal - Khadija Arjoun, Malika Saissi, Souad Khalifa, Malika Nonn Director& editor Chantalla PleiterDramaturgy& coaching Leen De GraeveProductional support Ernst MaréchalPré-production Lea DavidProduction De Vaartkapoen - AGORA M - CREW

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    Fri 30 Mar 09:03 am
    CREW @ Kyiv

    CREW is invited to present her immersive live-art at Art Arsenal in Kyiv. CREW presents Hands-On Hamlet I& II, C.a.p.e. Tohoku& C.a.p.e. Brussels 23,24& 25th of March. During the weekend there will be lectures& debates with Eric Joris& Valery De Smedt.

    for news check our Facebook and the video of Art Arsenal

    Wed 27 Sep 04:09 pm
    Dig It Up 2018

    During the Dig It Up event 2018 CREW present a variety of C.a.p.e. performances and with Hands-On Hamlet we give you a taste of a new visual medium and its potential for interactive, immersive storytelling.

    The 19th of February, 9h30 - 17h30, Zuiderpershuis , Antwerp.

    The project was possible thanks to the support of the Brussels-Capital Region.

    Wed 19 Jul 02:07 pm
    Hands-On Hamlet: Experience - experiment

    CREW is proud of, and excited by, the recent progress in our long-term pursuit Hands-On Hamlet which addresses key Hamlet-issues on how to be a moral subject and how one is determined by his/her own cutural mind-sets.

    The performative results avoid anything reminiscent of a computergame or film. It is a new visual medium, more spacious, less cinematic and a rich platform for a live Virtual Reality content revolution.

    This progress will be discussed in a panel Hamlet: experience - experiment at the ESRA conference July 29 and a preview of the work-in-progress will be on show July 30 at ShakespeareOFF on Gdansk Shakespeare Festival 2017 .

    More news live on Facebook .

    Wed 08 Mar 11:03 am
    EXPLORER/Prometheus unchained on tour

    Related Project: EXPLORER/Prometheus Unchained(art)

    A love-story in virtual paradise.

    The 2017 tour in The Netherlands& Belgium. View'calendar'for tour dates. Live news on facebook.

    Thu 19 Jan 03:01 pm
    2017: a new production: Hands-On Hamlet

    In this era of selfies, camera ubiquity and hyperawareness, CREW wants to explore these issues by breaking open pathways of perception. There is no higher purpose for the live-art of CREW than to create experiences that help viewers think and feel through immersive media that help shape our increasingly, progressively dangerous un-realities.

    In the new production Hands-On Hamlet CREW continues to explore tools to communicate the multiplicity of truth and to activate thinking.

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    Sun 16 Oct 01:10 pm
    Vacancy Financial management

    CREW is looking for a new colleague to take responsibility for the finanical vision and management.

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    Fri 26 Feb 05:02 pm
    Summer 2016

    CREW continues working on Collateral Rooms , an interactive live-art installation, developed for Frankfurter Buchmesse 2016. CREW has been invited to create a virtual pavilion for the main exhibition hall. Herefore CREW adopts the floor plan of the Barcelona Pavilion of Mies van der Rohe, 1929. The futuristic set-up will consist of simple walls, channeling a 3D real time architectural space that plays with virtual transparency, mirrors, axis, sight lines and real time composited, material textures. The illusory indoor and outdoor views will contain sea views, indoor colums, material of glass, steel and extravagant marble, etc. all adapted to the perspective of the viewer.

    CREW will try to incorporate all the expertise that has been developed in' viewer dependent images '. This is crucial for experimenting with possible positions of the spectator in order to link them to an 'embodied perspective '. The'motion capture system'and de viewer's free movement can supply infinite viewpoints and extensive visual effects.

    Collateral Rooms is premiering at Frankfurter Buchmesse 2016 from 17-23 October 2016, Frankfurt.

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    Fri 22 Jan 11:01 am
    Tour EXPLORER/Prometheus unchained

    Related Project: EXPLORER/Prometheus Unchained(art)

    This performance isa race with the machines . Man and machine have become one. The pioneering technology of'performance capture 'allows CREW and Urland to use the performance of the actors as a means of operating the'virtual puppets'Bridget and Deacon. The unlimitedness ofthe internet and our human desires is the central theme of this explosive theatre.

    trailer: vimeo / more news : facebook CREW


    Tour C.a.p.e.:

    C.a.p.e. KIT& C.a.p.e. Brussels at Nagt Festival 20the of February 2016 / more information : Nagt Festival event

    C.a.p.e. KIT at Festival Digtal 21st of February 2016 / more information : Festival Digital