Thu 01 Oct 03:10 pm
Cosmic Flower

CREW_lab,  Cosmic Flower.

For 'Coup de Ville 2020', CREW_lab showcases research inspired by the work of neuropsychiatrist Dr. Georges Otte and neurosurgeon/scientist Dr. Dirk De Ridder. Together with CREW they developed an environment where art, VR and biofeedback can be used to treat certain psychopathologies, especially depressions.

CREW_lab created a VR-environment with visual metaphors generated by a patient's state of mind. Different psychological parameters, read by neurologists and neuropsychiatrists by means of biofeedback (heartrate variability, GVS, EEG) , visually alter the environment both patient and doctors find themselves in together,  in real time. Obviously, this requires a certain amount of neurological 'input'from the patient.

Biofeedback in combination with  full body free movement, that involves both the patient as the therapist moving around in the same VR-environment, offers a very vivid image of a patient's behaviour. This opens up interesting possibilities towards self-healing and self-treatment.


Coup de Ville 2020 and 'Cosmic Flower'

What we showcase in this edition of Coup de Ville, are the first cornerstones of this VR-environment.

The reactions from the audience will help us evaluate this environment.

The visual metaphor we use is the flower, following the theme of the festival 'Chasing Flowers'.

Dr. Ericson (1901~1980) already used this image very successfully in his hypnotherapy. The metaphor is a symbol for the cycle of life and it encourages to transcend negative states of mind.

Fictitious worlds could help us fundamentally alter our physical existence.





You'll find more information on the website:

Saturday 03.10.2020

Don Bosco-kerk, Gladiolenstraat, 9100 Sint-Niklaas



Concept: Isjtar, Eric Joris, Georges Otte, Dirk De Ridder

Interaction design: Isjtar

3D environments and scans: Isjtar, Eric Joris

Coordination: Jean Pierre Deschepper

Production: CREW& W.a.r.p.


Wed 26 Aug 05:08 pm
The Unheard

Wednesday 26 Aug | 14: 00 - Saturday 29 Aug | 17: 00 | CREW meets K.A.K:  Five robotized horns travel through the city in search of an audience. After three months of lockdown, there is no stopping it.

Jette, Vorst, Brussel

Fri 31 Jul 09:07 am
The Unheard

SUMMER in O. Ostend, August 1 from 2: 00 pm to 6: 00 pm - Konterdam / Touwtrekkersplein

Ten energetic robotised horns rush around like wild children. After three months of lockdown, there is no stopping it.

They run after a cyclist, wagging their tails, making naughty laps around a hugging couple or watching the passerby with a questioning and touching look. Do they open their mouths wide open, hoping that we listen to them? Or are they gigantic ears, pointed to hear our story?


A co-production of CREW and K.A.K

Tue 14 Jul 01:07 pm
The View from Nowhere

Covid-19 made the theater -- 'the space where we breathe the same air'-- defunct. Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams were some of the few shared spaces that were left to us, theatre people.

Instead of connecting directly from private space to private space, we aimed to create a stage in between, adding some kind of mediation.

The View from Nowhere is a short online performance that will be using Zoom in an interactive and interpassive way.
Older 'robotic'tools of a CREW 2007 performance are being used to allow a part of the audience to be physically present in the studio (kind of) , all at the same time (approximately).

Participate in the performance on Wednesday, July 15 at 6: 00 PM via Zoom

Follow the panel discussion with Eric Joris and Chiel Kattenbelt during the workshop“Theaters New Realities - Dramaturgy” on Wednesday, July 15 at 1: 30 PM


Fri 03 Jul 11:07 am
News: Following events and performances have been cancelled because of the Coronavirus

Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture

June 2020: Enacted Astronomy, Immersive Classrooms, Galway 2020

September 2020:  Retrograde, public event, Galway 2020

October 2020: SUPERNOVAOktober 2020: SUPERNOVA

Sat 14 Mar 06:03 pm
Following events and performances have been cancelled because of the Coronavirus

24-25/03 2020 IMMERSIVE: ART x SCIENCE at De Krook Ghent,

IPEM/ASIL lab's mini festival with art-science-interaction residents'works. Performances by CREW / Eric Joris& Isjtar with Straptrack,Charo Calvo& Yacine Sebti, Rheza Khota, Gianluca Verlingieri, Todd Barton, Ken Iishi, Jürgen De Blonde, Theater de Spiegel.

27/03 2020 C.A.P.E. Molenbeek , immersing with VR into the world of taboos…
during Women's Fest, Koekelberg, BE

Tue 18 Feb 03:02 pm
Keynote Eric Joris at Inspired By STEAM February 20th

Related Project: Straptrack(art)

In his keynote presentation, Eric Joris clarifies the history and practice of CREW, an arts collective situated at the center of research environments in science and technology. This is contextualized by the manner in which the evolution of science and technology directly broaden creative possiblities. Similarly the influence of the arts on technological developments is crucial.

Creatieve inspiratiemiddag voor leraren,
leraaropleiders en onderwijsprofessionals

De wicked problems van de 21e eeuw vragen een complex antwoord. Om duurzame oplossingen te bedenken heb je innovatief en creatief denken nodig. Daarom is er, bovenop aandacht voor STEM, ook een groeiende aandacht voor kunst en creativiteit in het onderwijs. Kortom, STEAM.

Inzetten op creativiteit is niet zo moeilijk als je denkt. Overwin je drempelvrees en ontdek op 20 februari hoe je leerlingen en studenten met STEAM inspireert, als leerkracht, lerarenopleider, docent hoger onderwijs of onderwijsmedewerker.

Na het inhoudelijk programma ontdek je zelf de link tussen kunst en STEAM met een gratis rondleiding op het Artefact festival.


Thu 07 Nov 03:11 pm

Related Project: Straptrack(art)

'STRAPTRACK’, a research project in arts& technology

In Straptrack, an'immersant'strolls through a virtual sculpture (A visitor equipped with video glasses, PC

and headphones).

Meryem Bayram designs and activates the geometric objects of this sculpture, while Eric Joris intervenes

in different combinations with drawings and recordings via so-called Motion Capture.

Straptrack is not only an artistic creation, it is also technologically a new and innovative tracking system

that makes it possible for immersants to travel long distances.

It was developed for this project to do exactly what these two artists are fascinated by: how we ourselves

create spatiality from our own movement.


Do not be seated!


Concept and scenography: Eric Joris, Meryem Bayram, development tracking system: Steven Maessen,Androme& CREW 3D.

recordings and modelling: Arash Hosseini, 3D, Modelling& integration, 360° video recordings: Isjtar


Production: CREW/0090, thanks to Krook/Gent

Thu 05 Sep 03:09 pm
The Internet Trilogy

Related Project: EXPLORER/Prometheus Unchained(art)

Generation Before Computer (CREW)

meets generation After Computer (Urland)

and share the stage together.


The Internet Trilogy

A contemporary epic

URLAND& CREW& Theater Rotterdam


URLAND researched for three years,

under the wings of the Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam the internet.

The most important development of this modern age took shape

in three consecutive shows.

These parts are now being fused into an interdisciplinary and multimedia spectacle.


"EXPLORER / Prometheus unleashed"

the second part of this Trilogy,

is a joint creation of CREW and Urland

and is central to this performance.


september 13: Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg  

september 14: Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg  

september24: Stadschouwburg Utrecht

september25: Stadschouwburg Amsterdam

october 6: Kon. Schouwburg Den Haag

Tue 10 Apr 05:04 pm

Related Projects: C.a.p.e.(art), Hamlet's Lunacy(art),

Alles op tafel / Tout surt table / Everything on the table

C.A.P.E. Molenbeek - The women of theatre collectif AGORA M of Molenebeek put their taboos on the table. They invite you to take place and experience the world from their perspective. Virtual Reality at its best!

Premiere 24th of May 2019 in the Vaartkapoen

CREDITS: Performers Zohra Temsamani - Nadia Khammal - Khadija Arjoun, Malika Saissi, Souad Khalifa, Malika Nonn Director& editor Chantalla PleiterDramaturgy& coaching Leen De GraeveProductional support Ernst MaréchalPré-production Lea DavidProduction De Vaartkapoen - AGORA M - CREW

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