Partners CREW

Anima Eterna: International period orchestra, Bruges (BE)

BOZAR: International Arts Centre, Brussels (BE)

Buda: Arts Centre, Kortrijk (B)

CC Hasselt: cultural centre, Hasselt (BE)

Concertgebouw Brugge: International Platform for Music&Dance, Bruges (BE)

De Warande: Cultural Centre, Turnhout (BE)

Dreamspace project: a three-year European Commission funded project that comprises some of the top entities from the education, research&commercial sections, including The Foundry, NCAM, Stargate Germany, Saarland University, iMinds, CREW and Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (EU)

EDM/UHasselt: (Expertisecenter for Digital Media) / University of Hasselt (BE)

Forecast Platform: International Platform that promotes emerging talents, Berlin (D)

Galway 2020: Digital Capital of Europe (Ireland)

Gluon: platform for art and science, Brussels (BE)

iCavs: Interdisciplinary Cluster For the Advancement of Visual Studie, Tourcoing, FR

ICT ART CONNECT: European network for artists and technologists (EU)

iMinds: Digital Researchcentre Flanders, Ghent (BE)

In-Situ Network: European network for artistic creation in public spaces, (EU)

Kingston University: London (UK)

La Panacée: Centre for contemporary art, Montpellier (FR)

Natural Point/Optitrack: Largest provider of optical Motion Capture Technology, US

Nederlands Letterenfonds: Dutch Foundation for Literature, Amsterdam (NL)

Norfolk&Norwich Festival: International Arts City Festival, Norwich (UK)

NTGent: City Theatre House, Ghent (BE)

Peter Verhelst: Flemish poet, author and theatre director (BE)

Platform 0090: A sustainable international contemporary art platform, Antwerp (BE)

Productiehuis Rotterdam: (NL)

Steirischer Herbst: Festival of new art, Graz (Austria)

Toneelacademie Maastricht: Theatre Academy (NL)

Tonnus Oosterhoff: Dutch poet and writer, Groningen (NL)

Universiteit Utrecht: (NL)

Urland: Performance Collective (NL)

Support CREW

CREW is structurally funded by the Flemish Government and the Flemish Community Commission.

Dreamspace project (FP7 ICT Work Programme) is supported by Europe.


EXPLORER/Prometheus unchained received support of Fonds 21, BesteBuren,
Fonds Podiumkunsten and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

The creation of Absence received support by Flemish Literature Fund.